Welcome to Aleczan's

Greetings, adventurers!

Either you know me from the real world called "Earth" or from the world of "Vana'diel," welcome!
Or, well, even if you stumbled upon this page by accident, welcome to my humble home! 
This is my personal domain dedicated to the Online Game, Final Fantasy XI - one of the masterpieces from Square Enix.

Unfortunately, I am not very stylish about HTML or any web-related designing and/or programming, so my Home or Index page is simple like this.
However, if you still wish to browse my realm, you may explore the followings;

Aleczan & Shinmai FFXI Journal 
My own weblog, using WordPress.


MinamiKaze LS Board 
A community mainly used for our discussion between MinamiKaze Linkshell's members (most are also ex-members of LowFatRangers).





















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